A Rising Fury follows two hopeful Ukrainian idealists from the peaceful protest in Kyiv in 2013 to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Pavlo and Svitlana met and fell in love at the Maidan Revolution and were filmed over 8 years with several expeditions to the frontlines of the war. Pavlo loses his family home from the invasion and joins the Ukrainian military. Both find themselves on the battle lines, protecting their land, democracy, and their relationship.   


They say that the Khevsurians, who live deep in the Caucasus Mountains, are descendents of the crusaders. Two adventurers from New York City set out for the land of the lost warriors on a quest to uncover their ancient heritage. Upon learning about the death of the master swordsman Nadira, they turn to other elders for local wisdom, history, and stories of glory. What inspires these people to live according to the ideals forgotten by a world long gone?   


The appearance of a young teacher shakes a degraded mining town from its sleepy trance. When the sparks of feeling ignite between her and a young miner, the local youths, battered by the violence all around them, respond with animalistic aggression and rage. In the fight against otherness, evil takes on magnificent, baroque forms...   


Spec commercial   


An old man with Alzheimer’s disease who escapes from his home searching for freedom.   


James is an undercover cop whose life changes dramatically when his former girlfriend Helen, who is now the wife of his co-worker, reappears in his life.   


Niko Abazadze, a former freedom fighter with the Georgian National-Liberation Movement, now struggles daily to survive as an immigrant in New York City. Nevertheless, with the help of his sculpting and painting Niko discovers the strength to overcome great adversity. This is his story.   


Kakhi, an old immigrant from the Republic of Georgia, embarks on his final adventure. He accepts the challenge of a wealthy businessman to fly a hot air balloon from New York to Alaska. Kakhi invites his young Ukrainian friend Andriy to fly with him. When the balloon is ignited and ready to fly, an unexpected event changes their lives forever.   


Project in Development. Halya High-and-Mighty is a zesty, ethnic fairy tale about the eternal battle between Good and Evil, this time as it unfolds in Ukraine. Evil here is personifed by all-powerful and ruthless tel-evision, which stupefies and deadens all who are drawn into its orbit. It is controlled by none other than secret vampires who thirst for power over the entire world. The battle against Evil is waged by a very motley crew: the main charac-ter is Halya, a simple yet gifted village girl. Her masterful Chinese kung fu teacher, an enigmatic Ukrainian Yakuza gang, and an all-powerful In-dian maharajah round out the cast.

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